Dear Blog, Happy Anniversary

Hey, this thing has made it to its third month.  That’s definitely the longest relationship with a blog I’ve ever had.  

Don’t know why I’m awake right now.  I’m excited because there’s some serious raining and thundering going on.  

But then there’s the whole job front, which is better, but confusing and also contributing to not sleeping.  I’ve been getting more calls for interviews and then some job offers, which is coooool, thanks universe, but I don’t know.  Is it really the best idea to start working in a movie theatre?  I’ve always wanted to work in a movie theatre.  And I’m thinking about getting a degree in Film Studies.  And I don’t want corporate, soul-draining terribleness.     

So it could work.  Because I’m also doing this at-home data entry gig.  I spent most of today typing passages from a book about the nutritional needs of endurance athletes.  Carbohydrates, turns out, is an annoying word to type.  Damn you.  All of you.  Damn the simple carbohydrates.  Damn the complex carbohydrates.  Except I really love bread.   Bread can stay.

One response to “Dear Blog, Happy Anniversary

  1. hey! thanks for reading my blog – glad you like my so called poetry. i’ll be checking out your blog, keep it up, three months and counting, haha…

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