Tight T-Shirts, Celine Dion, and Chinatown

There’s a job on Craigslist for men that involves wearing tight t-shirts and handing out free Bon Bons to women.  I have the link if anyone is interested. 

Today a strange thing happened that was unexpected and awesome.  I’m not going to say what it was because that’s how wonderful it was.  But I will compare it to other things and maybe you’ll be able to guess.  For instance, this thing that happened was more beautiful than this:

More ripped than these:

Less Canadian than this:

And almost as exciting and homoerotic as this:

More action than Ive gotten in awhile.  Just sayin.

More action than I've gotten in awhile. Just sayin.

If you guess correctly I’ll give you free Bon Bons.  Probably while wearing a t-shirt of some kind.

6 responses to “Tight T-Shirts, Celine Dion, and Chinatown

  1. Nobody guessed, and you never said what it was… but it happened well over a month ago, so you may not remember. Let me give it a shot…

    First-place winning beautiful, super-duper ripped, not-French-Canadian-but-yet-still-Canadian, and borderline all-male-conga-line level of exciting…

    …Did you see Ryan Reynolds?

    *mouth open waiting for Bon Bons*

    (P.S. Really enjoying your transcribed whims and tangents.)

  2. By default I declare you the winner of the Bon Bon prize. Congratulations!!

  3. How close was I? It was Ryan Gosling, wasn’t it?

    So close.

    (Do Bon Bons come in vanilla flavor?)

  4. Ryan Gosling would have been really exciting, but he’s a negative, too. You’re right about it being an encounter of some kind, though!

    I searched “vanilla bon bons” and found a site selling vanilla coconut bon bons that sound amazing

  5. I didn’t know food items were sold on Etsy as well. My sister makes painted boxes and rocks and magnets to sell on there… she actually just created a Barack Obama magnet featuring a cartoon drawing of him saying in a bubble, “Look,”

    Anyhullabaloo, those homemade Bon Bons remind me of a dude that used to come into the video store I worked in a couple years ago. Well, they don’t remind me of him, per se, but these candies he used to make. They were filled with various liquors and he’d always bring them for us workers. They’d have jaeger or that rose tequila – most of my co-workers were creeped out and didn’t want theirs, so I’d eat theirs. I figured if they were poisoned, at least someone could call the ambulance for me. I’d get a bit tipsy on them if I ate enough. (Side note: he used to be a renowned wrestler here it Detroit… he had a sports card of himself… come to think of it, he was kind of weird… well, I’m still here, so c’est la vie!) But again, I digress.

    Not wanting to win a guessing game “by default,” I’d like to wager another guess.

    My gut wants to say… William Shatner… but the clues don’t point to him. Would Heyden Christiansen be a good guess, or Keanu Reeves? Hmm.

    Now maybe I’m focusing on the wrong aspects. Perhaps “ripped” means “drunk” and the “homoerotic” aspect is not related to the picture (me being a guy thought “a guy”), but to you.

    A drunk Canuck woman you’d be a fan of that’s easy on the eyes. Am I on the right track?

    • I’m sorry for inadvertently leading you to believe the encounter was with a celebrity!

      I love your story about the liquor-filled bon bons at the video store haha. I would’ve eaten them too. Anyway, glad you’re still around to try to solve my clearly unsolveable guessing game 🙂

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