Unapologetically -ilfy things.

A few posts ago, I complained about a man I met who had been wearing an “I Heart Hot Moms” shirt.  I’ve been getting a lot of hits from the tag word “MILFs” ever since, which got me thinking about the moms who would be on my MILF list (if I had one).  The only -ilfy thing I ever did was join the “Danny Tanner is a DILF” Facebook group.  Something about Bob Saget being so unapologetically raunchy deserves respect.  Gumption is sexy.  I think that’s why Roseanne makes my hypothetical MILF list.  And Rosie O’Donnell.  My mom has no respect for Rosie because of her big mouth, but that’s the very reason I do.  Plus, the photo on her craft book is so good!  Look how beautiful her family is.  And what a punny title!

My MILF list is definitely a work in progress, but along with Roseanne and Rosie and each and every Golden Girl, it would have to include Jennifer Garner.  She makes the best romantic comedies.  And she’s married to Ben Affleck, who I also thought about putting on the MILF list, but perhaps he would be better on the already in progress BILF list (Bens I’d Like to Fuck):

Sir Ben Kingsly, Ben E. King, Benedict Arnold, and Benji

Sir Ben Kingsley, Ben E. King, Benedict Arnold, Benji. Obviously.

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