CAUTION: HOT! Handle With Care.

You know Edna Parker, the oldest person alive who just lost her title?  Parker is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name.  So despite the history of diabetes, cancer, various addictions, etc, etc…I just might make it 115 yet.  Especially if I keep eating Cup o’ Noodles at 2am as I’m about to.  I don’t know anyone else who eats Cups o’ Noodles as comfort food, but it reminds me of my best friend from home whose diet consists of pure sodium.  If it’s found in the freezer aisle, it’s on her dinner plate.  Paired with a package of Oriental Ramen.  (It’s delicious.  Try it.) 

Confession: I used Cup o’ Noodles as a means to flirt with a high school aged boy last weekend.  I was staying with my parents at a hotel, cruising Facebook on the hotel computers, when a class trip arrived.  One boy joined me in the computer room and proceeded to go straight to World of Warcraft.  It was kind of amazing.  He asked me if there were any time regulations on the computer.  Then he lamented that the pizza he’d ordered was going to arrive as soon as he started playing.   Every time he said something, though, he didn’t make eye contact, so I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or to himself.  I never assume people are talking to me because I talk to myself abnormally often.  (Probably 95% of the time, if I enter a public bathroom stall and I know that no one else is in the bathroom with me, I’ll either talk to myself or start singing.)

Anyway, in the elevator on my way back to the room, I was joined by another high school boy.  He was carrying a Cup o’ Noodles.  So to make up for all the high school boys I was too shy to talk to when I was a high school girl, I batted my eyelashes and asked, “What flavor?”  He replied, “Chicken.  It was all they had.”  Then it was his floor.  He said, “Have a good night.”  I said, “You too.” 

Cup o’ Noodles: It takes 3 minutes to cook.  It provides you with 20% of your daily recommended intake of Iron.  It brings people together. 

Much more than a soup, indeed.

Much more than a soup, indeed.

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