Two Sketchy Paragraphs, Four Stolen Images

My Bulgarian neighbor stopped by today.  He invited us for salad on Saturday.  He mentioned something about being too feminine the last time he knocked on the door (“so you probably didn’t hear”).  I told him that my passport is slated is to arrive by the end of the month, and he said something about kidnapping me for a trip (“don’t worry”) that I would return from.

Then I returned a call from this dude Peter who is auditioning singers for his rock and roll band.  Only when I asked how many people he’s auditioning it sort of sounded like it was just me.  Red flag?  I’m supposed to audition/jam with him on Saturday, which will interfere with the salad date with my Bulgarian friend, but I’ll probably flake out on the audition like I do with the majority of Craigslist opportunities that come my way.  Most Craigslist opportunities, let’s face it, should be flaked out on.  Especially when you’re as impulsive as I am about responding to posts.  And most especially when responding to posts finds you knocking on the apartment doors of strange Peters.


6 responses to “Two Sketchy Paragraphs, Four Stolen Images

  1. Ugh I always get myself into those sticky craigslist situations. I’ll read an ad from someone who wants people to run around with pieces of straw in their hair on a baseball field, get really excited about it and e-mail them back right away.
    I just let my imagination get a little ahead of me sometimes.

  2. Have you an obsesion with “Peter”? pete wentz,peter jennings and so on…
    But let’s supose there is a “dude” Peter. Of course, there are so many dudes and so many Peter-s. But this is the savour of life: that there are dudes and bulgarians who… ooooh, what a salad they make!
    Dan (the second and hidden name is Peter, but not tell to anyone), Romania,

  3. Good luck with your audition, and don’t give up on Peter. Think of all the free bulgar wheat you’ll get!

  4. I”m gonna lock in ‘Good Luck’ also, chances are Peter isn’t a serial killer…right?!

    PS. I think you’ll get away with the stolen images!

  5. madamelibrarian

    girlslashwoman–We seem to have a lot in common! Imagination-wise and other-wise. That sounds mysterious and creepy, but, yeah.

    dan–No, no real obsession with “Peter.” Just an appreciation. I concur that dude-Peter-Bulgarian salads make for a savory life.

    Davis–Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Micah–Things are obviously sketchy when we even need to begin weighing chances of Peter being a serial killer haha

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