Meryl Streep Wears Trousers…

Long YouTube clips are a drag, but Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech at the SAG Awards last night was so cute that you just have to watch it.  Skip ahead to 2:20 for her speech.  She runs to the stage waving her hands in the air, plants a kiss on Ralph Fiennes, and exclaims, “I didn’t even buy a dress!”  Then she says “GIRL POWER!” and she’s like, “Fuck off, there’s no such thing as the ‘greatest living actress'” and the whole world falls in love with her.  And I still haven’t seen Doubt

3 responses to “Meryl Streep Wears Trousers…

  1. The Screen Actors Guild pulled the video. I guess they weren’t getting their royalties from YouTube.

  2. I thought the Kate Winslet expression when she didn’t win was worth a thousand words, starting with “I’m not getting this one too?!?, oh yeah, Meryl Streep, why not”. I love Kate Winslet though, she is due.

  3. madamelibrarian

    Lame, SAG. Lame.

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