The World is scary and so is Zac Efron.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is more comfortable getting dolled up than I'll ever be.

It’s raining.  Normally rainy days put a smile the size of Dwayne Johnson’s left pectoral muscle on my face, but today I’m not feelin it.  Maybe it was all the chemicals brushed onto my scalp this morning, or having to sit on a backless stool for two hours while a group of stylists gawked at me and the two other hair models…

That said, I have orange and red streaks in my hair!  To match my fiery soul and flammable hair products. 

Talk about seasonal depression…this headline is so incredibly harrowing: “With no job and 5 kids, ‘better to end our lives’.”  I’m going to hide in a hole indefinitely.  Or I’ll go to work tonight and I’ll remember to be thankful and try to regain hope and faith and all those other elusive little words.

In other, not quite as disturbing (and probably not even worth talking about) news…there’s that upcoming not-original-in-any-way/shape/form film, 17 Again, hitting theatres in April. Recently I caught the trailer and I was like, who decided that casting Matthew Perry as an older Zac Efron was a good idea? And I’m not going to brainstorm any middle aged actors who would’ve made a better choice because Zac Efron makes me uncomfortable. So does Vanessa Hudgens. Here’s the sophisticated reason why: They’re icky. I don’t care if you make Disney lots of money and you sing impossibly catchy songs…you guys are icky. And this movie will be too! I can just imagine the field day the screenwriters had inserting incest jokes throughout. Experience the ick:

3 responses to “The World is scary and so is Zac Efron.

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    As you may know, I sell Teen Beat Magazine in my store and Mr.Efron graces its cover regularly. Icky is strong term Madame Librarian but I think in his case it’s warranted. It’s like he’s staring at me all day. Mocking me…taunting me…

    But I love Hannah. Don’t be bad mouthin’ her.

  2. madamelibrarian

    I would give anything for Zac Efron to taunt me for just one moment of a day. I mean…what?

    And love is a strong term, Ram, but the Cyrus/Montana clan is okay by me.

  3. That was the second such incident in a week. Unemployed dad status used to be just a fun, humiliating pariah type euphamism, but impairment to your ability to support your really hits men at their genetic code.

    It hurt a ton when I lost my job, but I went with become super cool cartoon blog guy and get my MBA instead.

    Really sad for those families.

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