They’re soft and warm (unlike Christian Bale?)

Hey!  I don’t know when Wednesday’s episode of Conan will appear on hulu, but you’ve just got to see James Lipton’s performance of the Christian Bale freak-out that occurs at the end of the opening monologue.  James Lipton is so bizarre.  I applied to be an intern for “Inside the Actor’s Studio” when they started taping it at my college, but didn’t get the job.  Which is totally fine.   The interview was awkward…the producer was like, “So, what do you think of James Lipton?”  And I was like, “Oh, he’s the greatest thing since flannel sheets.”  And the producer was like, “Well, we all think he’s terrible” (at interviewing actors).  Apparently the correct response would have been, “I’m just here because I heard Matt Damon’s coming on the show.”  Live and learn. 


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