The Mystery of My Dad’s Taste in Music

My dad goes through obsessive phases where he’ll listen to the same thing over and over again for weeks.  And it’s not just one band or one album that he’ll put on repeat–he’ll put the same SONG on repeat.  One time it was “My Heart Will Go On” after he saw Titanic.  Another time it was the Phil Collins song from Tarzan, “You’ll Be In My Heart.” 

My best friend and I once went on a camping trip to Lake George with him and he brought two greatest hits albums: Diana Ross and Rod Stewart.  As a direct result of this trip, one of my favorite songs is now “Maggie May.”  A couple years ago he made a mix that included “Like A Virgin.”  I don’t know what that was about.

Anyway, here are some songs that I especially associate with the padre: 

How creepy is that?!?!  The three ladies in red completely freak me out with those repetitions of “sexy, sexy lady, you just drive me crazy.”  I feel like Julio Iglesias is holding them captive and feeding them various flavors of Slim Fast spiked with mind-controlling drugs. 

This next one took a long time for me to decide on.  He has one of those, like, three disc albums by Chicago, so every song reminds me of him.  But I just heard this song in the grocery store.  I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but when I hear a song I like, I get completely distracted.  I can’t focus on anything else, especially not a conversation.  I drop everything to sing while pumping a fist.  Perhaps the best lyrics ever: “Couldn’t stand to be kept away, just for the day, from your bod-ay.”  The cheese aisle was subjected to my rendition of this a couple weeks ago:

One of his big things is theme songs.  He loves the Superman theme song, but if I hear it I literally have an anxiety attack because I worked at Six Flags one year and when you’re stationed at the Superman ride you hear it your entire shift.  Plus I got scolded hardcore when I was working the Superman ride one day–I let a girl through who was blatantly three feet tall and would have been ejected from the ride.  It wasn’t really my fault, but I won’t get into it. 

The one thing I do have to thank my dad for, though, is playing The Rolling Stones over and over again when I was little.  “Paint It Black” used to freak me out to no end.  But if I had to choose one song to describe myself, it’d probably be this:

7 responses to “The Mystery of My Dad’s Taste in Music

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    Intesting choices. Though I would have liked to have seen a little S. P. Balasubrahmanyam in there. But that may be more about my dad than yours.

    Interested to learn more about you almost being responsible for a child death at six flags. I believe they call that “burying the lead”

  2. madamelibrarian

    I started to explain, but realized it’s too traumatizing of a story for a comment. It’ll have to be covered in an ongoing series about how my past jobs all involved me in tears and unflattering uniforms.

  3. I didn’t listen to music with my dad and I am thankful. Otherwise, I’d still be watching Hee-Haw reruns. It was my aunt who got me into the Beatles, Led Zepplin, and other British bands that wound up breaking up.

  4. Re:) Julio Iglesias – Dunno about you, but I was creeped out by the way he touched himself. Also, don’t you think he’d give the exact same performance in his living room in front of, say, five guests? (Not counting the ladies in red.)

    Re:) The Peter Cetera era of Chicago – I did a lot of comic book hunting in my college years listening to their Greatest Hits album (and Bryan Adams). Did I just admit that?!

    Re:) Theme music in general – Is it just me, or do they not make excellent theme songs anymore? Can you remember Spider-Man’s theme? X-Men? The Dark Knight? Maybe Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe…

    Re:) Line dancing – I like to imagine that the dancers are holding six-packs of beer in each of their hands. If only I could edit well enough to make that a virtual reality.

    Geez is this a long reply…

    Last re:) Rolling Stones – I like Chili’s better than Ruby Tuesday’s.

  5. madamelibrarian

    Ahmnodt Heare–Thank goodness for aunts. Mine introduced me to Hugh Grant. Well, his romantic comedies… I know. I don’t care. I like him.

    sgottahurt–Thank you for sharing about Bryan Adams. And yeah, Julio must’ve been on ecstasy or something. And Ruby Tuesday’s is lame, I agree. Sure, their salad bar is better than Bickford’s (is that a national chain?), but that’s not saying much.

  6. Torie Underlines

    Alright, this just brought back a repressed memory. In High School, I was on the Newspaper staff, and we had a lounge room where, for some reason, someone posted a record cover of Julio Iglesias and the back of the album cover had a bulleted list about why people LOVE Julio. Srsly. Thank you!

  7. haha you’re welcome! Seems like most memories involving Julio Iglesias end up repressed. I actually had no idea that song was by Julio Iglesias until I went looking for a YouTube clip, and then it made so much sense.

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