Things that are making me infinitely happy–

The Academy Awards have left me inspired, motivated, optimistic, and feeling light and fizzy. Even Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are starting to grow on me. Anyway, here! look! exciting:

Barbara Walters really should have interviewed Taylor Swift instead of The Jonas Brothers during her Oscars special tonight, but that’s okay because:


And speaking of the Barbara Walters special, this is literally THE most awkward thing (no, really…it is…), but Hugh Jackman is a dream, regardless:

And, I’m feeling really grateful for the people associated with Milk. I suck for not seeing that film or the majority of the other nominated films from tonight, but fuck yeah to them for bringing attention to Prop 8!

As a sort of intellectual nightcap of sorts I will now retire to bed with the genius of the latest installment of the This American Life podcast.

Final note: Barbara Walters asked Anne Hathaway to finish the statement, “Anne Hathaway is…” and she replied, “Anne Hathaway is happy.” My sentiments exactly.

4 responses to “Things that are making me infinitely happy–

  1. Barbara Walters should interview me. 😀

  2. I felt so ill watching that…and wishing it was me.

  3. As rough and tumble as Wolverine is, I expected my impression of ol’ Hugh to diminish during the Academy Awards. A strange thing happened instead – I actually respect him a heck of a lot more! I thought he was brilliant (that’s British for “very good”), and I liked that he laughed while he sang and dance. He became very human and x-tremely likeable. He might have replaced Clooney as my man-crush– I mean, the guy I want to play basketball with… (somehow that doesn’t sound better)…

  4. Yeah, Hugh Jackman is totally straight.

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