Yay Vagina! Boo Certain Men in Uniform!

I don't know what the story is with this bicycle turned vagina, but it's clearly the best thing ever.

I don't know what the story is with this bicycle turned vagina, but it's clearly the best thing ever.

I went to see “The Vagina Monologues” at my alma mater tonight.  When we walked in, in order to be let through, we told the security guards we were going to see it, so naturally the word “vagina” was used. One of the security guards straight out giggled.  And another attempted a joke, saying, “Is that open to the public?”  It’s just like…really?  And if I say “boobies” are you going to piss your pants? 

Anyway.   They did a really great job with the monologues.  The proceeds of productions usually go to support woman’s anti-violence groups.  Groups that, unfortunately, still need the funding:

NYPD officer accused of raping East Village woman while drunk

A police officer is being investigated in the rape of an East Village woman he escorted home after being told she was too drunk to stand, law enforcement sources said.

The officer and his partner came to the woman after a cab driver called 911 on Dec. 7, telling cops she had vomited in his car and couldn’t find cab fare, the source said.

Law enforcement sources said they had surveillance video from the victim’s apartment building showing the two cops helping the drunken woman inside and returning to the building a second time more than a half hour later. The woman reported the rape to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, where officials are currently investigating the complaint, the source said.

Both cops, whose names were not released, were stripped of their guns and badges and placed on modified desk duty.

A lawyer for one of the officers, Stephen Worth, declined to comment.

NYPD Internal Affairs investigators searched both cops’ lockers and found one packet of heroin.

The officer accused of rape told colleagues he had forgotten to voucher the drugs after confiscating them in a separate case.

Both cops were given drug tests and passed.

5 responses to “Yay Vagina! Boo Certain Men in Uniform!

  1. It’s true! We really do suck ass, sort of on a sliding scale, as your two points illustrate, between the security guards and the NYPD. That story about the police officers is horrible.

    Yet secretly I wish I had come up with the line about the play…

  2. This one’s difficult to find a joke in (reality harshes my mellow)… I’m thinking something about the giant vagina (vagiant?) and hoods and MONOlogues and BIcycles… but I got nothing. Bummer ending. Cops that abuse their “power” suck. Will we become socialist or facist? Time will tell, unfortunately. Ah! The reality’s spreading!

  3. Talk about meat curtains!

  4. lmfao & what if they made a giant penis to go inside of the vagina lol(:

  5. your ok.. comment

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