Happy Spring

Warning: Nostalgia ahead.

Suddenly things are happening.  It’s as though I’ve been chanting a transformation mantra for hours each day.  Only I haven’t because the transformation mantra was given to me by members of a cult.  So, it must just be the vernal equinox.

The daffodils and the crocuses are almost in bloom!  The days are longer.  (I get outside before dark without even meaning to.)  Bruce Jenner is making it onto the golf course multiple times a week and his hair is starting to bleach in the sun.  Isn’t life beautiful?

Speaking of beautiful, I’ve been thinking about video games a lot lately.  I don’t play them.  I’m pretty terrible at them…except for Wii Tennis and American Idol.  But when I was younger, I would watch my brothers play for hours.  And then, when they left to build skateboard ramps out of plywood or give their lunch money to the local drug cartel, I would try my hand.  Below is level one of a game that I don’t think I ever enjoyed playing, but played regardless.  I was usually killed off by one of the elderly women with grocery bags:

5 responses to “Happy Spring

  1. Glad to see you’ve returned to the writing groove (for now, I guess). Thought you should know that Rocky Rodent (just got his name!) made it to Number 9 on the list of Biggest Mascot Failures. http://www.toplessrobot.com/2009/02/the_10_biggest_videogame_mascot_failures.php

    When I originally read that list, I didn’t think anyone would have that game, and lo! Someone (your family) did!

    Also, just had to ask… was the Persian in your last post because of the Persian new year or coincidence?

  2. madamelibrarian

    The Persian around the time of the Persian new year was a happy coincidence.

    And yeah, I’m not surprised that Rocky Rodent made that list. I mean…he can’t do anything unless he has hairspray. It’s very odd.

  3. Rocky Rodent seems like Mario Bros. The hairspray is the mushroom, the things Rocky jumped on were like the turtles.

  4. madamelibrarian

    So you’re saying Mario Bros. ripped off Rocky Rodent, yeah?

  5. That is how it looks to me, at least from the video.

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