Care to join me in my underwear shelter?

The other night I met up with this guy, and he asked me if I watch “Lost.”  And I said no.  It’s one of those shows I figure I’ll pick up on DVD and engross myself with for days on end at some point…when I’m unemployed or recovering from gastric bypass or waiting for my court date after making bail.  Some situation like that where you just need to lose yourself in another world because all hope for your own is a bit…lost.

Anyway, as a means of procrastination, I took one of those stupid quizzes on Facebook.  This one was entitled, “On which current TV show would you exist?”  And, yeah, my result was “Lost.”  Which strikes me as amazingly accurate even though I’ve never seen it:

You are suspicious of reality and not sure that time exists. You are attractive and sexy but never really bathe properly. When given the chance to re-invent yourself, you became the exact same person you already were. Some people think you are insane, but you may actually be a visionary. Despite your average background, you can kill wild boar, shoot guns, and build shelters out of underwear and luggage pieces. You think a lot but are not sure what to think. All of your friends could also be your enemies or your relatives. You know that ghosts and monsters really do exist. People are addicted to you.

As far as I know I cannot kill wild boar, but everything else is pretty spot-on.  (Especially the thing about bathing.)

3 responses to “Care to join me in my underwear shelter?

  1. Haha… awesome! It is probably best to let the show finish its run so that if the ending is kind of weak, you didn’t waste a week getting “Lost” in the show… even if you might be waiting for your arraignment.

  2. madamelibrarian

    🙂 I don’t know. Things are getting pretty strange in my life and I foresee a premature “Lost” marathon fairly soon…I’ll keep you updated!!

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