Can someone tell me…

…what the deal is with Paul Mitchell?

6 responses to “Can someone tell me…

  1. I any man – scratch that… If any human on planet Earth deserves to have a lion’s mane around their face, it’s Paul Mitchell.

  2. madamelibrarian

    The lion’s mane is fitting, but the supermodel clutching him? Come ooooooon.

  3. Are you talking about the supermodel in the first picture, or the second one?

  4. madamelibrarian

    Oh, my mistake! SupermodelS clutching him.

  5. 1. John Paul Degoria, left, and Paul Mitchell’s creatvive Director.
    2. John Paul Degoria and the late Paul Mitchell.
    3. John Paul Degoria, and HIS WIFE.
    (John Paul Degoria and Paul Mitchell started the company)

  6. madamelibrarian

    Thanks for the info.

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