I could watch these all day.

So, this was maybe one of three video games that I ever played. But I could spend hours with Street Fighter II.

Here are my two least favorite characters:

Ken always seemed like the prick version of Ryu. And Sagat makes that obnoxious noise every two seconds. I had a lot of trouble getting past Sagat, though I do like the temples and his stone thing in the background.

Zangief!! You big lovable oaf.  M. Bison, on the other hand, does nothing for me.  Militant piece of crap.

Ah, E. Honda.  His moves are, by far, my favorite.  That arm thing he does?!  The ballerina float and the fly through the air!?  AND the hump action?  Then that big belly laugh to finish it all off.  He kills me.

Oh, also, I always thought Dhalsim was based on my grandfather.  (Because his limbs extended to three times their length, he could spew fire, and he could float in the air.  No big deal.)

3 responses to “I could watch these all day.

  1. How could you hate Ken Masters? He’s THE BEST.

  2. weekendalcoholic

    That made me giggle – and took me flying back into the button-tapping past…!
    You know the really depressing thing? I still remember all the stuff that Ryu (waaay cooler than Ken) shouted when doing those weird power attack things… Not sure what that says about me!

    Anyway, stumbled across your blog by accident and been enjoying reading it – good stuff madame


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