Because I’m a lonely, sad, slob of a woman.

Love someone, indeed.

Love someone, indeed.

You know what?  Light rock favorites, as in the music played on radio stations nicknamed “The River”, “Your At Work Station” or “The Heartbeat of Detroit”, are some of my favorites.  Actually, I take that back.  The music that Delilah plays on her nightly radio show.  That’s my favorite.  Her show’s slogan?  “Love someone.”  Her entire show is kind of like the “Long Distance Dedication” segment in Casey Kasem’s weekly countdown show.  Gosh, I love that.   How good was he when he made that guest appearance on that “Saved By The Bell” episode when Lisa competes in the dance off despite her badly sprained ankle?!?!  So good.

I’ve been in the mood for really sappy music lately.  And as of tonight I’m really digging sappy music in Spanish:

It resonates in this whole new, visceral way. 

P.S. I’ve never used the word “visceral” before.  How did I do?

5 responses to “Because I’m a lonely, sad, slob of a woman.

  1. To begin, great job with the word “visceral”… you used it quite “instinctually”…

    To continue, Casey Kasem should still be in the countdown business. Seacrest can’t hold a calculator to his numbering skills.

    To continue further, as a fan of those same kind of stations, who is this Delilah and how can listen to her? (And the Heartbeat of Detroit?)

    And to close, it’s apparent that Roxette’s skill at songwriting transcends language. Bonnie Tyler? I think the video might be too distracting…

  2. ¿Cómo se dice “sappy” en Español?

  3. sgottahurt–Oh, I could not agree more regarding Casey Kasem and Seacrest. Seacrest just may encapsulate everything that is wrong with America.

    Also, I made up “Heartbeat of Detroit”. Sorry.

    Ahmnodt–Yo no se. Lo siento. Me gusta tus pantalones.

  4. No need to apologize. I’ll get started on it stat!

  5. Phew.

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