Sex according to perfume commercials!

The title sort of says it all.  In my last post I talked about being embarrassed by sex-related Elton John lyrics in front of my parents.  Never mind that.  Any American household worth its puritanical foundation will swiftly change the channel should one of these 30-60 second pieces of filthy deviant excess interrupt a wholesome TV-watching experience: 

Warning: You will, upon watching all of these in succession, climax repeatedly.

One response to “Sex according to perfume commercials!

  1. I’m actually more surprised that Gwen put out a perfume, than JC put out a cologne. He just seems to be that type. But then again, Gwen had four Harajuku girls while Jeebus had a dozen apostles, so I shouldn’t be too shocked… Celebs and their entourages… *shakes head disapprovingly*

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