How are you feeling?

My coworker just walked past my computer screen.  And if he happened to look, he would’ve seen that I was on looking at the definition of “sad”.

I don’t feel particularly sad, but…looking up the definition of “sad” is admittedly a pretty sad thing to do.

Contemplating sadness got me thinking about Eeyore.  I never connected with Winnie the Pooh when I was little, and I especially didn’t connect with Eeyore–which is funny because I lived up the street from a donkey farm.  But Eeyore’s deal isn’t that Eeyore is a donkey.  Eeyore’s deal is clearly that Eeyore is sad.  And wears a pink bow. 

With age I’ve come to better understand Eeyore’s condition/s.  It’s painful to see such a sad creature.  This video below makes it less painful.  And it’d be even less painful and more amazing if drugs were involved:

2 responses to “How are you feeling?

  1. I’ve actually come to embrace sadness when it occurs. When you think about it, a much more noble emotion than anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, or really any of the self defeating feelings one could have.

    I pretty much oscillate between happy and really happy, so when I get a good “sad” in once in a while, I typically roll with it.

  2. madamelibrarian

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’m the same way. Last week I was sad, so I went to see that movie “Precious” by myself. And on the way these two girls stopped me and showed me Bible passages and lamented the destruction of the planet and its people. I have absolutely no point here, but yeah. I’m pro sadness.

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