(Arch-nemesis Malignant Girl sold separately)

My mom is visiting me this weekend.  She’s a great guest to have because rather than do “exciting” things in the city like try to get in that hot new club, or score tickets to Cats, we’ve been doing things like drink too much white zinfandel and shop at my neighborhood 99 Cent Store.

I didn’t buy this 99 cent beauty, but I did take a photo of it and think of how to best frame it to produce an interesting social commentary on my blog:

Benign Girl should feel fortunate after reading this quote from Cancer.gov:

Numerous studies have investigated the relationship between cellular telephone use and the risk of developing malignant and benign brain tumors, but results from long-term studies are still limited.

Several studies have investigated the risk of developing three types of brain tumors: Glioma, meningioma, and acoustic neuroma. Results from the majority of these studies have found no association between hand-held cellular telephone use and the risk of brain cancer; however, some, but not all, long-term studies have suggested slightly increased risks for certain types of brain tumors. Further evaluation of long-term exposures (more than 10 years) is needed.

On a related note, as I was leaving said 99 Cent Store, I got accused of stealing a notebook. But I yelled, “No, it’s mine!” and the man believed me.

3 responses to “(Arch-nemesis Malignant Girl sold separately)

  1. They mean “of gentle disposition” girl, silly. And no, I don’t feel fortunate on the cell phone study…only 10 more years research before we know, huh? Phew!

    Benign Girl knows to use her hands free set, just to play it safe.

  2. Awesome post!

    It made me wish two things:

    1) That I could have discovered the Benign Girl Super Telephone.

    2) That I don’t get thigh cancer (from carrying my phone in my pocket… my only hope is that my Costanza wallet is protecting me).

    And for the record, nice move purloining that notebook!

  3. madamelibrarian

    Michael–Come on! No one uses the “of gentle disposition” definition! 😉

    sgotta–I worry about thigh cancer, too!!!!!

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