Well if this isn’t the most obnoxious thing I’ve seen…

5 responses to “Well if this isn’t the most obnoxious thing I’ve seen…

  1. I have a theory about the Khloe Kardashian – Lamar Odom marriage. I think she did it for the lifetime revenue stream, given that her options for revenue stream a bit more limited than Kim, and she’s the least pretty of the three. Marrying a middle of the road NBA player will keep her in Quick Trim and doggy pedicures for years to come. I think they have a really refined pre-nup that spells out monthly lifetime annuities for things like clothing, make up and luxury car leases (every 2 years or something).

    Also predict Lamar Odom will have money issues post NBA.

    I know, you’re going to say “thank you Mr. Obvious”, but still…

  2. madamelibrarian

    I don’t know much about Lamar Odom. All I know is what I saw of the episode when he and Khloe are hanging out on a basketball court and he tells her he wants to marry her. And then she breaks the news to her family.

    I think your theory will hold up as years pass. I also think that Lamar made Khloe feel special and beautiful and loved (a commodity of a feeling in light of her being in your words, ‘the least pretty of the three’)–and how convenient that he can happen to provide deals with Quick Trim and much needed doggy pedicures.

    In short, I think Khloe believes in material things, but I also think she believes in love.

    Also, let me state firmly that you’ll never receive any “thank you Mr. Obvious”‘s from this girl.

  3. Hmmm, it may sound shallow to say “least pretty of the three”, but I’ve watched the Kardashians as well, and the prettiness thing is a BIG deal to Khloe, esp. relative to her sisters. Personally I don’t care who the prettiest is, but if spokesmodel is your chosen profession, like appearing in Quick Trim ads half naked, it’s going to count.

    If she believes in love, why so refined in prenup around clothing, make up, and luxury car lease allowance?

    Income stream first, love second, no question in my mind. Those girls are a bit evil.

  4. I’ll say it – “Thank you, Mr. Obvious!”

  5. sgottahurt: you are on fire today! (said in a Marv Alberts voice)

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