You heard it here first

Unless you heard this somewhere else, such as inside a stall in the women’s restroom of Penn Station.

This is probably the most informative piece of bathroom stall graffiti I’ve ever encountered. And possibly the only piece of bathroom stall graffiti I’ve seen that makes no mention of cock.

There was also graffiti on the stall door that said organized crime’s influence had infiltrated New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road, too! I didn’t know how to take any of this news…so I posted it here.

2 responses to “You heard it here first

  1. You have given me an idea. I can advertise in public bathroom stalls. It will be a bit difficult for me to advertise in women’s bathrooms (at least for now.)

  2. Its true! Those guys never pay for subway tokens.

    They take up all this space with their musical instrument cases that actually house machine guns.

    And if you try to stand up to them, they give you these menacing glares and say “why you, I ouhgta'”, and the subway commission does nothing!

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