I eat a lot of eggs.  And I try to buy cage-free, organic ones because that means the chickens are treated more humanely, right?  I wonder what actually constitutes as cage-free and if the quality of life quotient is in reality much higher for those chickens.   I hope it is.  But at the end of the day it’s still about the money for those companies and farms putting those eggs on the shelves, so I don’t know.

I noticed in my avid egg-eating lifestyle that sometimes shells will break really easily.  And the shells that are more brittle are always from the not as fancy cartons.  Which makes me wonder about the health and treatment of the chickens that produced them.

You know how they say that apples are less nutritious now than they were a century or something ago?   I forget why they say that, but I feel like that goes for much of the food on the market now. 

Lately I feel like everything I consume and even do day-to-day is resulting in consequences I’m not even aware of.   Consequences to natural resources and the environment, consequences to my health.  So, what’s going to happen?  How much longer can it all go on?  Salmonella outbreaks, big floods, droughts, species extinctions.  I think we’re doing some things wrong.

And this DeCoster dude scares me:

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