“I listen to terrible music.”

I’m thinking about music today.  How it’s so powerful.  And how the exact nature of its power is hard to verbalize.  It’s so awe-inspiring–how the innate power of music to move us and stir up emotions and memories in us transcends genres, styles, time periods.

Usually in casual, small-talky situations I dread being asked what kind of music I like, who my favorite band is.  They’re intimate questions, I think.  And the answers are revealing.  Also, I’ve just never come up with concise answers.  It’s a fluid thing, taste in music.  Ten years ago my answers were much different from my answers now.  Just as ten days from now my answers might be very different from whatever I might say today.

I think this is similar to how I am with music:

I listen to terrible music.  At any given moment, if someone listened to my iPod, I’d be mortified… I usually listen to one song over and over again until I resent it, then I move on to another song. –Chris Kelly

In third grade, my school bus driver had a ritual he did almost every bus ride.  And everyone on the bus took part.  He would cue up his cassette player up front, always to the same song–“We Will Rock You” by Queen.

I highly recommend this to all bus drivers.  We were extremely well-behaved grade schoolers.  I think because we didn’t want to compromise being able to stomp our feet and scream lyrics like, “You got blood on yo’ face / You big disgrace / Wavin’ your banner all over the place / We will we will rock you / Singin’ we will we will rock you.”  I’m not sure I’ve ever felt like more of a badass than during those sing-along afternoons on Bus 11.

The most appropriate thing to do to end this post would probably be to come clean about my music preferences at this moment in time.  But it’s scary.  It’s like when you’re in a car with a group of people and you start singing along with the radio, then some wise guy asks, “Who sings this?”  And you answer Elton John or whoever it is.  And then the wise guy quips, “Yeah, let’s keep it that way.”

I’d like to go on record saying that I think that’s one of the meanest things a person can do.  Singing is like voicing your soul to the world.  No one should ever be made to feel like the world doesn’t want to hear their soul.

One response to ““I listen to terrible music.”

  1. Yeah… I feel like, when we want to shut a singer up, it’s not their voice that really annoys us, it’s their spirit.

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