The Media Ruins Everything, or, Take that elderly woman home!

You’ve probably heard about Ted Williams, the guy with the “golden” voice who the media has jumped over almost as much as Jared Loughner, whose terrifying face is on the cover of every newspaper I’ve seen today.  I know Loughner is responsible for a tragic shooting, and the nation and the world deserve to be informed of that…I just wish the media didn’t scoop these things up like candy. Or crack.  I can just hear the discussion: “This guy’s picture has traumatized every speck of my being.  Let’s take up half the front page with it and see how many copies we sell.”  

Anyway, back to Ted Williams.  He got noticed through a YouTube video that featured him panhandling on a corner and showing off his impressively professional announcer’s voice.  In light of all the hits it received, yup, you know what happened: the media.  And I was really digging the story.  He’s been sober for two years, he’s just trying to get a job doing what he’s qualified to do.  He praises God.  Cool.  But then I saw this video on CBS’s website, and I instantly soured toward the whole thing.

You’ll see what I mean toward the end of the video.  It features a CBS Early Show reporter accompanying Ted Williams’ 90something year old mother to the airport to reunite with her son after ten. years.  It’s TV gold.  Too bad it feels so forced and awkward.  I feel bad for this woman, picked up by some TV producer, forced to spend a whole day talking about and anticipating her son’s arrival–ONLY TO BE STOOD UP AT THE AIRPORT. 

It’s awful.  The reporter says that Williams was immediately overwhelmed by other media outlets at the airport and that’s why there was no reunion that day.  Mother and son have since had their reunion and it was tear-filled and hug-filled and nice, but it doesn’t make up for this:

(Why do they hate embedding so much?  Watch it here.)

Seems to me, that in a rush to be the show that first captured the reunion, the Early Show didn’t nail down all the details.  Or, Ted Williams chose the media over his mother.  Either way, it doesn’t make me feel good about the world.

2 responses to “The Media Ruins Everything, or, Take that elderly woman home!

  1. Eurgh. Makes me want to cry, yell or growl, I don’t know which. Also makes me remember with sadness the time I was due to take my 86-year-old grandfather out to lunch and got caught up in accident traffic. He was waiting outside his block for over an hour and a half, worried sick, and cried when I got there.

    Oh, and they hate embedding so much because they’re hoping you’ll then be tempted to watch “Bobby Flay Judges the Best Grilled Cheese”. I don’t know who Bobby Flay or what grilled cheese is, and I’m not giving them the satisfaction of finding out. Ha!

    • madamelibrarian

      Haha you’re definitely right about embedding and Bobby Flay. And thanks for sharing that story. It’s funny how the emotion doesn’t seem to dull with time over certain memories.

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