Landscaping is expensive

It’s easy to watch this commercial without even noticing the bushes and shrubs magically being groomed while these attractive, active, young women go about their happy, privileged lives:

I’m not against the thing.  The thing itself looks convenient enough.  It’s just the fact that the commercial goes so far out of its way to just come out and say it: “This lets you trim and shave your pubic hair.”

Instead you have to see those bushes and realize that those are a metaphor forwell, bushes.

You know what does make me skeptical?  This commercial implies that the un-groomed bushes are somehow less nice or less worthy.  Before and after shots, and the after is always preferable.  Always more beautiful.

I say, do whatever you want with your bushes.  Don’t let Schick and it’s silly advertisements influence how you landscape.  There’re just a bunch of men behind them, I’m sure.  Don’t let a bunch of men tell you that you’ve gotta fork out $12 if you, too, want to be attractive and active and happy.

3 responses to “Landscaping is expensive

  1. Madame L,
    I’m with you. I’m not about to use one of those things on my beautiful “bush.” And, you’re right. Those men at Schick etc ought to use them theirselves. Maybe they’d smell better, and believe me I know smells!
    ps – its been a while —

  2. That, without a doubt, is one of the most obnoxious things I’ve seen in MONTHS. Ok, fine. I understand that the waxing and shaving thing has become a fashion trend. I don’t understand WHY women feel anyone needs to know what they look like “down there,” except the person they share their bedroom with and their doctor(s). Obvious – if your bathing suit is that tiny, you either need to shave or question why your bathing suit is that tiny. (I’ll be honest – I don’t want to see what you’re covering or NOT covering up in that region. Does that help?) I wouldn’t buy their shaver because of this ad! SHAME ON THEM.

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