My adult life thus far has been devoted to figuring myself out.  It’s a long, arduous task.  I likewise do not have a firm grip on just what this blog is all about.  But here’s what other people have concluded!

Young Urban Amateur says:

Madame Librarian is pretty great at blending quotes with her own reflections. She also writes the “You know what peeves me,” type of blog entry with an awesome amount of restraint and intelligence. She never makes me go, “Ooh boy, another complaint entry.” And she never hates on people in that way that makes you think, “Wow… this writer is actually a bitter person who I’d rather not hang out with.” What she does do is give you the relaxing feeling that you’re reading something by a gentle person who is constantly amused and moderately bothered by the less-gentle world she inhabits.

This person shares a love for pigeons:

I found your blog recently while Googling for info on Bob Barker’s recent stand up against pigeon abuse. When I first heard the news I shouted “Bob Barker Is My Hero!” then I found your blog!

Unemployed Dad asks:

Madame Librarian all of your posts are so melancholy lately! Are you sad?

And finally, WordPress featured this post on Freshly Pressed(!), and Dzhendigi deems me “fleetingly famous,” and the blog post “ironic” and “readable”:

With its conversational style, pop-philosophy/psychology, and wry, apposite and bizarre YouTube clip, this contribution ticks the boxes of a readable blog post.

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