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Botched abortions and projectile vomiting. Or something else entirely.

Don’t you love going to a movie and being like, “HEY!  That’s the girl who played Patrick Swayze’s dance partner who had the botched abortion in Dirty Dancing!”  Or, “That’s the chick who played the ghost that projectile vomits all over Haley Joel Osment in that Bruce Willis, ‘I see dead people’ film!!”  Okay, no one would say that.  They’d just say something like, “Oh.  Mischa Barton.  Who cares.” 

I saw Australia yesterday and was so excited to be able to do that regarding this guy: 

I can’t believe Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown are married when Luke was such an asshole to Meggie in “The Thorn Birds“.  Anyway, Bryan Brown who played evil Luke, the man Meggie marries to try to get over Father Ralph de Bricassart, plays the evil cattle baron King Carney in Australia.  I think it’s worth seeing for two reasons:













One last thing.  On the subway home from seeing the man above, I saw the woman below.  She had a cold, she was studying a textbook, and she was so cool:

Fiona Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiona Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve Been So Happy Since Tuesday Night

THIS is why I love the ridiculous genius that is The Onion. Right after I devote a post to the time-space continuum, they go and devote an article to not only the time-space continuum, but to how “skyrocketing consumer prices coupled with stagnant wages have forced many Americans to work a fourth shift in another dimension in order to make ends meet.” It’s so silly and satirical and subversive and it makes me so happy.

I read it on my commute home from work yesterday/earlythismorning and probably disturbed quite a few 3am Flushing-bound subway sleepers. I never officially announced not being unemployed anymore, but that’s just because I still kind of feel poor and unsure of everything. I’ve been thinking about taking the GREs, but that requires something like $140 and…I don’t even know what I want to go back to school for or when or even if. I’ve entertained ideas of getting my master’s in a different country. Canada, Australia, or North Korea. Still deciding. Australia has Hugh Jackman, but North Korea has this guy–

Too gorgeous for his own good.

Too gorgeous for his own good.