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Do you have a fresh wound? Desperate enough to inflict one upon yourself?

Then here’s the  Craigslist gig for you:

Looking for people with fresh wounds and stitches for super cool print ad for International Famous Sneaker Company

RATES: $400-$500 (TBD)
SHOOT DATES: Monday, Feb 15th
CASTING: Impossible Casting NYC
AUDITION: Late Wed. Feb 10th, Thursday Morning Feb 13th and Fri. Feb 12th (SELECT TIMES, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)
AUDITION LOCATION: Chelsea, Manhattan


Male or Female, Body parts that have REAL, NEW wounds with sutures STILL IN. Need to cast fresh injuries with stitches still in. (And will still be in by Monday).
Name, Contact Number, PHOTOS (If submitting for Wounds, please include snapshots of the current state of your injury with stitches. ) Please confirm that you’re available for shoot date of Mon. 2/15.
EMAIL TO: submit (at) impossiblecasting (dot) com . replace the “at” and the “dot”

Craigslist opportunity I’m crazy/bored/curious enough to pursue?

Hmmmmm…  I’m attending my father’s retirement party celebrating his nearly 40 years in the Air National Guard next week–it might be fun to spring a marriage to a random Army man on him.  No?

Looking for the Perfect Travel Companion (Anywhere)

Looking for a woman who wants to see the world. Must marry me temporarily. We’ll travel the world for a year plus, then get the marriage annulled. I’m a published author, looking to take advantage of my free travel with the army to inspire me for my next big work with a girl that’s up for a random and interesting trip.

Cheese Balls


"What could possibly have possessed you to place Tom Hanks' head next to a barrel of Cheese Balls?"

( I wanted to convey the relative size of the barrel, and Tom Hanks’ head seemed as good as any to do that.)  I’ve decided that Utz Potato Chips and Snacks are my favorite.  They remind me of fishing trips in the spring.  Half the time I’d just sit in the minivan rummaging through the cooler that did not contain the recently killed things wrapped in tin foil.  But I digress.  My barrel of Cheese Balls is 3/4 empty only 1/4 full.  It’s a sad day.  I fear my sodium intake might stay below 300% the recommended daily allowance.

It’s also a sad day because, along the same lines as the 2am ringing pay phone, I’m tired of finding exciting opportunities on  Craigslist, only to have these directors, producers, musicians write back saying, “Here are directions to my apartment.”  If you’re a sane, fully functioning human being, what are you doing inviting strangers to your apartment?  I only do that when I’ve been drinking.  Assuming these directors, producers, musicians do not intend to rape and kill the people they invite over for auditions, aren’t they worried that instead of the obviously awesome author of Madame Librarian’s blog, they will open the door and instead find…

Either Travis the Chimp or Sandra Herold?

Either Travis the Chimp or Sandra Herold?

Either Gary Busey or this chimp?

Either Gary Busey or this chimp?


I ran out of chimps, so heres a wolf.

I ran out of chimps, so here's a wolf.

Two Sketchy Paragraphs, Four Stolen Images

My Bulgarian neighbor stopped by today.  He invited us for salad on Saturday.  He mentioned something about being too feminine the last time he knocked on the door (“so you probably didn’t hear”).  I told him that my passport is slated is to arrive by the end of the month, and he said something about kidnapping me for a trip (“don’t worry”) that I would return from.

Then I returned a call from this dude Peter who is auditioning singers for his rock and roll band.  Only when I asked how many people he’s auditioning it sort of sounded like it was just me.  Red flag?  I’m supposed to audition/jam with him on Saturday, which will interfere with the salad date with my Bulgarian friend, but I’ll probably flake out on the audition like I do with the majority of Craigslist opportunities that come my way.  Most Craigslist opportunities, let’s face it, should be flaked out on.  Especially when you’re as impulsive as I am about responding to posts.  And most especially when responding to posts finds you knocking on the apartment doors of strange Peters.


Is Joaquin Phoenix really retiring?

For the clean, conservative female (Elizabeth Hasselbeck?), a blogging gig: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/wri/961515316.html

Hasn’t it been established yet that Conservative Humor is an oxymoron?  And they want clean writing?  Absurd.  Everyone knows writing is supposed to be dirty.

Speaking of dirty writing, I watched Quills on hulu last week.  Kate Winslet makes me so happy:

Madeleine: If I wasn’t such a bad woman on the page, I couldn’t be such a good woman in life.

Geoffrey Rush...oddly sexy?

Tight T-Shirts, Celine Dion, and Chinatown

There’s a job on Craigslist for men that involves wearing tight t-shirts and handing out free Bon Bons to women.  I have the link if anyone is interested. 

Today a strange thing happened that was unexpected and awesome.  I’m not going to say what it was because that’s how wonderful it was.  But I will compare it to other things and maybe you’ll be able to guess.  For instance, this thing that happened was more beautiful than this:

More ripped than these:

Less Canadian than this:

And almost as exciting and homoerotic as this:

More action than Ive gotten in awhile.  Just sayin.

More action than I've gotten in awhile. Just sayin.

If you guess correctly I’ll give you free Bon Bons.  Probably while wearing a t-shirt of some kind.

Monday Musings

If you have a passport and have experienced jet lag, please apply for this: http://newyork.craigslist.org/jsy/etc/868462315.html

It’s a sleep study in which you get paid to fly to Paris.  All you have to do is spend one night in a New York sleep study clinic, then you fly to Paris, spend time in their sleep study clinic, and fly back. 

At some point in my life I’ll probably participate in a medical research study.  I applied for one a couple weeks ago that involved an MRI and a PET scan, but when they called to interview me it just didn’t work out.  Long story involving pesky intimate details. 

In other news, I’m concerned about Tom Brokaw moderating tomorrow night’s debate.  I find his voice distracting.  And as long as we’re on the topic, Charles Gibson is of concern, too.  I cannot take him seriously.  Thoughts, anyone?

Talkin bout my generation.

Talkin bout my generation.

Nothing wrong with George Stephanopoulos

Nothing wrong with George Stephanopoulos