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Success! Sort of…

Someone has an interview on Monday!  Well, it’s more of a meeting that could lead to an interview if all goes well. 

I gave in and signed up for Monster yesterday.  Yesterday.  And today I have a meeting that could lead to an interview that could lead to a job at a place that I’m not so sure I want to work, but regardless.  It’s something.  And in these times when our economy is at recess playing dodgeball and getting its ass kicked–I’ll take what I can get.

Who decided to name their job website “Monster”?  And who drew the creepiest, most cracked out monster and said, yeah, this will inspire employers to use our service and desperate job hunters to post their resumes?  Maybe that’s why I waited so long to sign up. They could have at least made their monster cute, like Sully from Monsters, Inc.  Oh, Pixar.  You silly geniuses.