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Oh, The Love I Have For This Woman

I am completely, completely, completely obsessed with Kate Winslet’s acceptance speech for Best Actress from the Golden Globes last night.  When she was declaring her love for Leonardo DiCaprio and Sam Mendes I literally teared up.  A lot. 

She’s so beautiful and funny and talented and awesome.  And she forgot Angelina Jolie, which was so brilliant.  Anyway, if you didn’t see it or haven’t seen it, you have to.  My only regret is that I haven’t seen Revolutionary Road or The Reader yet…

Weekend in Review

A job offer came on Friday.  Wrapped up in German smiles and

Monopoly money, it promised Long Island City freedom

and casual Monday through Fridays,

but at $9/hr and no benefits I kindly refused. 


Sunday we saw that Richard Gere movie.

Richard’s face appeared and Ali whispered, “He’s like a wine.”

Saturday was nothing to speak of, except for Fast Food Nation

furthering a deep love for Greg Kinnear

and Blood Diamond furthering

a curiosity about the Rhodesian/Zimbabwean accent.


Friday we were irresponsible citizens, choosing to drink an excess of red and white wine during the presidential debate. “If they made blue wine,

we would be patriotic right now.”  

 “Money bailouts, Pakistan, pork-barrel spending?”  “Hard to swallow.”   

“Orgy of spending.” 

“Jim Lehrer is surprisingly handsome.”

I think its the eyes.

I think it's the eyes.






Note: Planning on being sober for Thursday’s VP debate.