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In what film is Nicolas Cage missing a hand*?

*That’s how I feel tonight.

There was lots of talk of rape and murder in the local news tonight as my mom watched it waiting to hear word about that potential snowstorm that might hit the Northeast on Christmas night into Boxing Day.  And there was also talk about the full lunar eclipse tonight!  How it coincides with the Winter Solstice, which, by the way, hasn’t happened since December 21, 1638, and won’t happen again until 2094 (via Huffington Post).  That’s special.  Apparently NASA says that for East Coast viewers the optimal time to see the full eclipse is at 3:17 a.m., which, lucky for me, is right about when I’m going to bed these days.  Optimal time, indeed.

I know.  Everyone’s blogging this and reblogging this.  It’s always a slow news day in the blog world, huh?  But I really am excited about this.  Look in my recent posts–you’ll notice there aren’t many.  That’s because I haven’t been excited about much of anything.  But the moon and the sun and the planet and rare astral happenings?  That’s exciting.

I probably won’t take any pictures of the eclipse later tonight, but I did happen to take this picture earlier of the full moon rising.  After which point I was promptly eaten by a werewolf.