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The Circus

I watched all six hours of the PBS miniseries “Circus.”  Before watching it, I thought I hated the circus.  It made me think of sad-looking elephants and subpar performances.  But not this circus.

I was supposed to go see the Big Apple Circus.  On Christmas Eve.  That’s how good this miniseries was–I wanted going to the circus to become a Christmas tradition.  But that didn’t work out.  So the tickets got changed to the week before Christmas.  But that didn’t work out either.  So now, maybe there will be no circus this year.

I think the main thing that captured my imagination about the show is the lifestyle.  In one of the parts, the creative director/ring leader is preparing for retirement.  He’s lived his whole life with the circus–sleeping in a trailer, performing every day, traveling from town to town, being part of a strange and talented community.  But suddenly he’s leaving that behind.  He needs to look for an apartment and start buying groceries and living a “normal” life. 

It was almost tragic.  You couldn’t help but feel that he was going to be profoundly bored and lonely in his new life.  And then I thought about my own life.  How it’s more the apartment, groceries, “normal” thing than the trailer, performing daily, on the road thing.  And I wondered, am I profoundly bored and lonely?  And I just don’t realize it?


The Michael Moore in the Bathwater

Ever stop to think about sayings like, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”?  Yeah, me neither, but tonight I did.  In my 3am post-work haze it struck me as a hilarious image. 

I watched Michael Moore’s Sicko today.  It reminded me that I should really do something about that whole lack of health insurance thing I’ve got goin on.  Started watching it at the library, but two men began watching it over my shoulder, which got a little awkward.  I finished watching it at home, in bed, but I fell asleep around the point when they travel to (spoiler alert) Guantanamo.  I liked it, though.  It reminded me of this PBS Frontline report, Sick Around the World, only with your added Michael Mooreisms. 

Sicko made me want to move to France…who wants to join?  We’ll splurge on Rosetta Stone.  The five weeks of vacation time per year minimum is totally worth being referred to as an “ex-pat.” 

Ill just use Team America images whenever I have the chance from now on.  (See Kim Jong-Il.)

I'll just use Team America images whenever I have the chance from now on. (See Kim Jong-Il a few posts down.)