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Sex is like popcorn.

deflatedpopcornbagI’m semi-moved into a new apartment.  It’s only 13 blocks from my old one, but it’s still pretty life-changing.  For instance, tonight, when I got home after work, I attempted to make my first bag of microwave popcorn in the new place.  Only I already had the kitchen light on, the A/C on, and the bedroom light on, and…I blew a fuse.  Which wasn’t really a big deal, except that, as made evident above, my popcorn didn’t fully pop.  And rather than make another bag when the fuse situation got sorted, I resorted to tortilla chips.

Anyway, that’s probably the least interesting thing that’s happened to me in the past few days, but I thought the deflated Orville Redenbacher was funny for some reason.  It makes me think of ads for sexual dysfunction.  Which probably says something (or a lot) about my psyche.