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How are you feeling?

My coworker just walked past my computer screen.  And if he happened to look, he would’ve seen that I was on Dictionary.com looking at the definition of “sad”.

I don’t feel particularly sad, but…looking up the definition of “sad” is admittedly a pretty sad thing to do.

Contemplating sadness got me thinking about Eeyore.  I never connected with Winnie the Pooh when I was little, and I especially didn’t connect with Eeyore–which is funny because I lived up the street from a donkey farm.  But Eeyore’s deal isn’t that Eeyore is a donkey.  Eeyore’s deal is clearly that Eeyore is sad.  And wears a pink bow. 

With age I’ve come to better understand Eeyore’s condition/s.  It’s painful to see such a sad creature.  This video below makes it less painful.  And it’d be even less painful and more amazing if drugs were involved: