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Pre-Haircut Buzz

Tomorrow I will be pimping myself out for a free haircut.  It’s going to screw up my whole schedule–I have to be there at 8am.  I’m normally just getting around to going to sleep a few hours before that ungodly hour.  And in addition to waking up early (during the predicted snow) I received a confirmation call instructing me to dress “fashion forward” and wear high heels.  WHAT?  Don’t they realize I’m pursuing a free haircut because I’m not the kind of girl who wears high heels with any frequency or spends much time debating the fashion forwardness of her outfits? 

But really I’m super excited.  I haven’t had a haircut since September, so it’ll be good to get rid of the weird asymmetrical thing I’ve got going on (if only to replace it with blue hair or a rat tail or something equally awesome).  As long as the new ‘do doesn’t require a lot of aerosol hair products I’ll be happy.