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Willem Dafoe: spoiled and obnoxious (in the best sort of way).

I read an article in The Village Voice about the Richard Foreman play that Willem Dafoe is starring in.  This one bit about their director-performer relationship struck me:

Foreman says of working with Dafoe: “It was very easy then. It’s very easy now.” But Dafoe notes changes in their mutual dynamic. “I feel a lot of respect from him now,” he says. “It emboldens me.” Rehearsal may have actually rendered Dafoe too bold. “I’m feeling very engaged—in fact, I’m feeling overstimulated,” he says. “I find myself being very obnoxious in the room and having fun and not censoring myself—I’m like a big, spoiled kid.”

That state of overstimulation that Dafoe describes–it really needs its own word.  It’s such an interesting state.  It’s a wonderful place to be–to become so comfortable with the people you’re working with, especially in a creative environment, that you hold nothing back.  I think silliness often requires a lot of support.  I love the way Dafoe talks about it because he makes light of how after the fact, once you’ve come down from this creative, carefree high, you feel sort of guilty and ridiculous.  That you got carried away and maybe not everyone around you felt that. 

I need more of that state of overstimulation without a name.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Willem.  I owe you one.

Queens Says, “Take Your Dream House Elsewhere, Barbie.”

Starting to see a recurring theme in my posts: Craigslist. I’m becoming kind of a CL expert, especially when it comes to responding to jobs that I’m not qualified for at all. A week or two ago I responded to a post with the headline: “Talented Lyricist Needed For Off-Broadway Production.” They wanted a short bio explaining your theater and music experience along with two writing samples. So this is what I told them:

Interested Lyricist


Hope to be considered for the lyricist gig. I’ve been involved in music and theater since I was young, including acting, singing, playwriting, and lyric writing. I’m also a poet and I contribute satirical rap lyrics to a music producer. I constantly change lyrics to popular songs so that they lend themselves to different situations.

Attached are two writing samples. If you’d like to see something else more in line with your project or listen to one of the rap songs let me know. Thank you for your time.



Everything I said is true, but notice how I make myself sound way more important than I actually am. That’s the key to getting people to write back. For instance, the “music producer” that I contribute satirical rap lyrics to? That’s just my friend who makes beats on his computer. And the whole, involved in music and theater “since I was young”…you can’t tell them that you’re not about to cash in on Social Security. Pretty obvious stuff, I guess.

Here are some of my favorite Craigslist headlines I’ve seen lately:

Double Dutch Instructor

I never learned how to double dutch. Those jump ropes looked so dangerous.

**Help Barbie Find Her Dream House**

This one offended me. You should definitely NOT help Barbie find her dream house. That girl needs to learn how to take care of herself, i.e., brush her own hair, pick out her own little outfits, and stop relying on pre-pubescent children to do it for her.

$80 Cash! + $30 Toy! + Pizza! For Warehouse Work Tomorrow!The parts are interchangeable!

I responded to this one, but they never called. And I’m really qualified, too! I’ve worked in two factories and on a tobacco farm. Look how sweet the $30 toy is.

 Oh well.  I would’ve had to trek to Park Slope, which would’ve been a pain.  Brooklyn thinks it is soooo cool.